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Specialists in the development and manufacture of generic pharmaceutical specialties

FDFs - Lesvi Product List

The Invent Farma Group has been committed since its creation to Research and Development. The R&D area of Laboratorios Lesvi is made up of a team of highly-qualified, experienced professionals, specialists in development of active pharmaceutical substances (APIs) and generic medicinal products of all types, including specific formulations, as well as in the design of the synthesis process and authorisation application for medicinal products at the widest international level possible.

This experience translates into marketing authorisations in virtually all countries worldwide and into the issuance of patents related to both active substances and pharmaceutical formulations.

The upward trend of Invent Farma R&D is reflected in the number of products supplied and distributed all over the world, in the loyalty of our customers and also in the assessment of the Profarma Program of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Since 2007, the year of the incorporation of Invent Farma into the Profarma Program, the company maintained its rating of “Good” until we achieved the rating of “Very Good” in 2013, achieved for five years in a row since then.

Both the facilities, equipment, and manufacturing procedures are duly qualified to operate under the GMP guidelines and rely on the certification of the Quality Assurance Unit.

The R&D team of Invent Farma is evidence of the Group's interest in meeting its strategic growth and global implantation objectives. Its various departments provide services in:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Development of Active Substances
  • Development of Medicinal Product
  • Design and monitoring of bioequivalence studies
  • Registry of Special Pharmaceutics (Regulatory Affairs)
  • Pharmacovigilance

This team is clearly committed to meeting the needs of the most demanding customers, with maximum quality and flexibility, providing customised support at all times, even after marketing.

Our strength lies in our vertically integrated development. The APIs and pharmaceutical formulations developed entirely by Invent Farma make up a large part of the medicinal products manufactured at the facilities of Laboratorios Lesvi in Sant Joan Despí.

To complement its R&D activity, Invent Farma maintains strategic collaborations with public research centres and Spanish universities. There are also co-development and collaboration agreements with other pharmaceutical companies, both national and international.