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Jul. 2018

Qualigen creates a line of nutraceuticals to offer new solutions for central nervous system pathologies

A new and promising approach to dementia and insomnia therapy

  • Vivimind, Viviflux, and Seripnol are three new nutraceutical products from this new line that Qualigen launches in Spain 

  • They are food supplements for the cognitive and cerebrovascular systems, as well as sleep and relaxation disorders 

  • The homotaurina (tramiprosato), "star" component of Vivimind and Viviflux, has shown clinical evidence of memory and cognitive system preservation in various published clinical trials

Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona), 17th July 2018. Laboratorios Qualigen S.L, (part of the NuPharm group) has expanded its range of products in Spain with the launch of a new line of nutraceuticals: Vivimind, Viviflux and Seripnol. These products are recommended to complement therapy in patients with diseases associated with the Central nervous system (CNS)


The three nutraceutical products launched by Qualigen are dispensed freely as food supplements and recommended for pathologies related to the central nervous system. In particular, Vivimind, which comes in compressed form in a homotaurina base, is recommended for memory and the cognitive system. Viviflux is based on the unsaturated fatty acid DHA, homotaurina and black bilberry extract, helps to protect the memory and vascular system against oxidative damage. 


The launch of this new range of products includes Seripnol, a supplement with melatonin, L-theanine, magnolia and jujube base, that encourages mental relaxation and improvement in the 3 stages of induction, duration and quality of sleep.


All of them have their applicable clinical trials showing the improvement parameters and positive results in thousands of patients in Europe and especially in Italy, where these products already have a proven track record and scientific evidence in the market.


In Spain it is estimated that the number of people affected by some form of dementia could reach 600,000 cases by the year 2030[i], and around one million people by 2050, according to data from the Brain Foundation Report on the social impact of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.


15.7% of males and 22.9% of the women have suffered a mental[ii] disorder at sometime in their lives according to the  Spanish national health survey, and it is estimated that by 2020, the disability-adjusted  life years (DALYS) lost by mental and neurological disorders will be 15% of the total DALYS lost from all diseases and injuries, as indicated by WHO.


With the introduction of this line of nutraceutical products into the market, Laboratorios Qualigen S.L. reinforces its commitment to being leaders in the CNS field and to demonstrating their continuous work in the research, development and manufacture of new solutions for patients and professionals.


For more information:
 Carlos Mateos / Pablo Ramos.

Tels.: 91223 66 78 / 675-987-723




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